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Symposium program 

8:45   Welcome & Registration
9:00  Opening remarks by organizers 

Session I: Advanced microscopy tools for single protein observation (chair: Thanat Chookajorn) 
9:15    Lars-Anders Carlson (Umeå University, Sweden)

           "What cryo-electron tomography can teach us about positive-sense RNA virus replication?"
9:45   Ricardo Henriques (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal)
           "Open technologies in the quest for nanoscale live-cell imaging"

10:15   Coffee break

Short talks: Electron & Optical Microscopy (chair: Lauri Pulkkinen)
10:30 Orane Guillaume-Gentil
            "Fluidic force microscopy for studying host cell dynamics and communication in virus infection"
10:45 Özer Erguvan
            "Ultra-structural characterization of cell adhesion in plant"
11:00  Himanshu Sharma
"Ribosome clustering and surface layer reorganization in the microsporidian host-invasion apparatus"
11:15    Stefanie Willekens 
            "3D Fluorescence Imaging for visualization and quantification of neurotropic viral infections"

Session II: Biophysics tools for biological systems (chair: Hudson Pace)
11:30   Magnus Andersson (Umeå University, Sweden)
            "Biomechanical Characterization of Protein Nanofibers using Laser Optical Tweezers"
12:00  Peter Hinterdorfer (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)
            "Avidity amplification of SARS-Cov-2 spike variants explored with high-speed AFM and single-molecule force spectroscopy"

12:30  Lunch

Session III: Bioinformatics and computational tools (chair: Hadrien Gourlé)
13:30  Laura Carroll (Umeå university, Sweden)
             "There's ANTHRAX in my soup!?! Bacterial species delineation in the genomic era"
14:00  Adolfo Poma (Institure of Fundamental Technological Research - PAN, Poland)

             "Nanomechanics of Protein Complexes by GōMARTINI Simulations"

Short talks: Biophysical Tools & Computational Biology (chair: Stephane Verger​) 
14:30  Hanna I
             "Adaptive evolutionary trajectories from unicellularity to differentiated multicellularity and back again"
14:45   Adrien Heymans
             "Combining cross-section images and modeling tools to create high-resolution root system hydraulic atlases
15:00  Sunanda Chhetry
             "Investigating the Maturation of CRISPR RNA in an atypical CRISPR-Cas System"
15:15    Priyojit Das 
             "Alteration of the structural properties of the chromosome X during inactivation: a polymer simulation-based approach"

15:30   Poster session over coffee break

16:15    Open discussion
able physical and computational tools in biology at Umeå University” with invited speakers and local facility managers 

16:45   Closing remarks

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